Building a Foundation for Continuous Evolution

Development & Continuous Delivery Platform ImplementationPreparing Your Web Environment for Perpetual Change

Modern, competitive web sites have perpetual life cycles of development and revision. While content management systems have greatly eased the burden of content upkeep, constantly evolving functionality requirements drive continued development between major revisions of a site. To support these continuous changes, you need a hosting infrastructure that allows you to test and review iterative changes independently of your production site in addition to being able to safely deploy these changes to your production site independently of your content management process.

We support continuous development and delivery through a combination of revision control systems, generally Git, and continuous integration systems such as Jenkins or Team City. We run our own Jenkins based continuous integration infrastructure and use this to provide continuous delivery services to clients who do not want or need to run such systems on their own.

Production Hosting EnvironmentMitigating Risks and Handling Traffic with the Optimal Hosting Platform

A web site must be stable and fast to be an effective marketing or customer service tool. Your host or hosting infrastructure is critical to supporting speed, stability and scaleability. There are a wide range of web hosting options available at all levels of pricing. We work with clients to find hosting options appropriate for a site's budget but do recommend options capable of supporting a baseline level of security and redundancy.

Smaller sites may be a good fit for simple VPS offerings from companies like Rackspace and Digital Ocean. Larger sites, or sites that need more advanced data protection and redundancy may benefit from scaleable virtual private cloud solutions running from an infrastructure provider like AWS.

We can create customized host management solutions that offload the burden of site management operations so you can focus on your core business.