Web Site Consulting

Stronach Consulting can work with your existing web site team to provide guidance and solutions or we can manage your web site project entirely, working with designers and content creators to deliver a full site implementation.

Information Architecture

Modeling the Right Site Structure for Your Business

One of the challenges with building a quality web site is ensuring that the site's content and navigation structure is intuitive to its target audience. A frequent mistake is to structure a site such that it simply reflects the internal business structure of the organization itself. This flaw is easy to overlook from the perspective of those within the organization for whom this view is natural and intuitive. Formal information architecture discovery methods evaluate site structure in terms of the site's content, users and context of its use.

We can help you examine your goals, content, products and audience to construct the user stories that will shape the three tiers of content, users and context. We will use these three tiers of information architecture to build content and navigation structures for your site that will ensure it is intuitive for its intended audience and an efficient tool for fulfilling the goals of your business and your customers.

Content Management

Keeping Your Information Secure, Relevant and Current

Getting the right information to your audience and keeping your site relevant to search engines requires constant content revision. Modern web sites never reach a final state of completion; the key to keeping visitors interested and returning is constant change.

Content Management Systems

Choosing the Right Software to Manage Your Content

CMS Implementation and Customization

Providing the Right Foundation for the Optimal Web Experience

Hosting Platform Implementation

Building a Foundation for Continuous Evolution

Development & Continuous Delivery Platform Implementation

Preparing Your Web Environment for Perpetual Change

Production Hosting Environment

Mitigating Risks and Handling Traffic with the Optimal Hosting Platform