Maximizing the Cloud Computing Opportunity

Cloud Systems ConsultingChoosing the Right Infrastructure for Your Business Needs

The value propositions of cloud services generally correlate to how well a potential solution fits into the conventions and constraints of the given service and what degree of complexity is acceptable and appropriate for the scope of the underlying need.

Many business problems can be solved with turnkey software-as-a-service offerings such as hosted email, crm and sales applications. In other cases custom applications can be built to run on specialized cloud application platforms, such as Heroku or Google App Engine, trading some degree of flexibility and scaling costs for simplified development, rapid time to delivery and little to no maintenance overhead.

For solutions that require the integration of existing systems or need full architectural flexibility and minimal scaling overhead, lower level cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Rackspace or Microsoft Azure may be more appropriate. Greenfield projects that have been architected specifically for cloud deployment can make use of combinations of lower level cloud infrastructure and platform offerings such as Amazon RDS.

We have experience with all levels of cloud services and can help you find the appropriate combination of flexibility and operational efficiency for your cloud hosted systems.

Cloud Information SecurityMitigating the Risks of Off Site Information Systems

Offsite information system installations can carry risk when security implications are not adequately considered. Secure system access points, user authentication, firewall protection and data encryption must all be taken into account in varying degrees for different levels of cloud deployments. Software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings often have relevant security measures built in as part of the product. The more flexible infrastructure-as-a-service offerings such as AWS are generally designed with a great deal of security features built in but it is left up to the customer to properly configure security measures as appropriate for their environment.

Proper network access and isolation is greatly important for all cloud deployments. For simple installations such as a single server web site that does not offer commerce or store private information, an operating system level firewall may be sufficient. For multiple server configurations such as clusters or any sort of multi-tiered systems, virtual networking solutions such as Amazon VPC or Azure Virtual Network offer dedicated firewall protection from the public internet, configurable ingress and egress policies, optional private subnets and fined grained access rule policies.

Information Security is the most important aspect of your cloud deployment. We can help you find the right balance of security and infrastructure simplicity for your project. For deployments where ongoing security is of utmost concern we can enlist outside security audits from the cloud service vendors themselves or other third parties. A successful, secure cloud deployment requires constant consideration for security from initial inception through the lifetime of the project.

Commercial Software as a ServiceKnowing When To Build and When To Buy

The development and deployment of custom applications is not a small undertaking. For many standard business tasks such as accounting, customer relationship management and sales support, well established existing software solutions deliver the best value proposition. Many SAAS vendors such as Sales Force offer a myriad of customization and custom development options which can help ensure that their products meet your requirements.

Stronach Consulting believes in software development as a means to deliver unique business value. We embrace the solutions large scale providers have brought to market to solve common problems and have found that we can bring better value to customers by adopting and enhancing these solutions when it makes the most sense. We have experience integrating with large providers such as Micros, Sales Force and Exact Target as well as smaller industry specific providers such as AscentCRM and Leisure Trends.

We work with our customers to deliver the most value whether it is a full stack custom software implementation or consulting services and integration with established software solutions.