Delivering Functionality that Scales with Demand

Web ServicesExtending Your Application's Reach

Stronach Consulting strongly believes in a web services-centric application architecture. Web Services are the communication path between the core data and business logic of your application and its front-end web interfaces. As demand for your application grows, web services are the robust, secure foundation that enables development of native mobile apps, fast, modern web interfaces or data integrations with partners and third parties.

We don’t consider the web service layer to be an internal implementation detail. We consider it a key deliverable that enables third party connectivity and development opportunities in addition to serving as the conduit to your application front end.

Third Party IntegrationConnecting with Partners and Customers

Good partner and customer system integration is important maximizing the business value of your application. We will work with your partners to ensure that they have access to the data they need in the format they require.

We have delivered successful connectivity solutions utilizing modern web service API’s as well as batch oriented ETL processes using ftp or direct database access.

Mobile ApplicationsGetting Your Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Mobile application interfaces such as phone and tablet apps as well as mobile-friendly web sites have become the primary point of interaction with many business and consumer oriented services and information systems.

Our web service centric application architecture provides the ideal backend for mobile application interfaces. We build responsive, mobile-first web applications and leverage the Xamarin platform for native app development.